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Get More Out of Your Sewing by Getting Organized

Life gets busy and when it does, it's essential to schedule sewing sessions.


1) Planning ahead means your sewing sessions can be more productive- if you know what you're sewing ahead of time, you can plan to batch sew all your similar projects.

2) Planning ahead also means you can buy all your supplies in one trip. Even when I know exactly what I'm going to the fabric store for, and even if it's only one thing- it takes for-ever. You have to wait in line at the cutting table and then again at the cash registers. Save time and get everything you need for the entire month! (Plus, no more getting started only to realize you have to run to the store to grab something first).

3) You're more likely to save money because you can keep your current fabric stash in mind while making your sewing plans (how many times do you find fabric you forgot you had?? This way, you can make sure it gets used).

4) You'll be more likely to create a wardrobe you'll get more use out of because you can plan entire outfits instead of just a bunch of random pieces.

Using this sewing planner has made such a big difference for me-- I know you're gonna love it!

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